Ignite Your Vision, Your Business, Your Life

Light up your business and build a life you love!

The Ignite Program is a unique, fire-starter of a course that helps entrepreneurs and small business owners get clear on their vision for their business and their life. With proven strategies covering the “must knows” and the “must dos” for getting your ideal clients and making the money you want and deserve, as well as the planning and support to get it done, you will create a mind-set of unlimited possibilities and the PUSH to blast-off with focused action and intent.

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Break Barriers and Be Successful

Get focused and create a vision and plan for the business and life you have dreamed of.

Arm your business with all the winning strategies, skills and insider knowledge to create the wealth and the business you have always wanted but have not yet achieved. This audio program takes you deeper to discover the authentic core of who you are and what you do so you can crash through your barriers and create the business and the life that matches your vision.

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Money, Message and Meaning Audio Program

Use the power of your story to build your business and create impact.

This five-module program will help you deep-dive into your core message so you can answer the question “why YOU” and create a high impact business using your personal story so you make money and live a life with meaning and purpose.

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Money, Message and Meaning LIVE

Personal message. Powerful talk. Global Impact.

The best way to build a business and get your message heard is through speaking. This three-day LIVE event will take you from uncertainty and fear to a powerhouse, personal talk and practiced presentation.  This program will help you discover the deep and emotional “why” story that is the basis of your purpose and help you create a message that will engage and enroll people in your mission so you can transform others and impact the world.  Once perfected, you will learn the strategies to turn your powerful talk into workshops, infomercials, and programs.

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Massive Impact Mastermind LIVE

Create the vision and mission plan that will change EVERYTHING

If you want to make MASSIVE IMPACT in business and in the world but don’t know how, join the two-day Mastermind Intensive that will create the vision and mission plan that will change EVERYTHING. This small-group program will deep-dive into your vision, life, financial goals, marketing plan and provide the implementation strategy to create the positive change you want in the world and the incredible success you want in your business.

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OnDemand Coaching with Odette

What if you had a Master Coach available when YOU need it?

These flexible, pre-paid sessions will break through your challenges and help you up-level your business and your life.

Use coupon code: IMPACT to save $200

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Canadian Domination Prophets of Profit Virtual Summit

Learn the insider secrets to creating a moneymaking business machine from an all-star cast of Global Business Leaders, including Bob Proctor, and some of whom you may not even know are Canadian.

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P.R.O.F.I.T.S. Audio program

Stop making excuses…and start building the business you’ve always wanted!

Plan to win. Get real ROI. Create killer Offers. Conquer Fear. “I” sets you apart. Time management strategies. Structured for success.

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The Impact Crusader Program

High-performance, one-on-one coaching to accelerate your success.

The Impact Crusader Program is for serious entrepreneurs and business people who want to build a successful business, live a phenomenal life, and create global impact NOW. With strategic, results-driven, private coaching tailored to your needs you will discover how to set up your business so it serves YOU, not the other way around and accelerate your path to success.

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The Impact Revolution Retreat

Laser-focused business transformation.

At the Impact Revolution Retreat you will take time out of your business to do an intensive deep-dive into your life and business plan to accelerate your growth, increase your income, deepen your relationships and achieve a new level of confidence and satisfaction. By eliminating distractions and energy drains, you will have the space to blast through barriers and shift to a higher gear and create a global impact.

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Paralyzed (Book)

Paralyzed: Getting Past the Excuses of Why You Are Not Successful. (Digital Version)

If you are tired of your business being average this book will teach you how to set goals, write a business plan, as well as market and sell yourself to customers to reach the peak of success.

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Profit Domination (Book)

Profit Domination: How Successful Women Get on Top – and Stay There (201 Rules for the Road). (Digital Version)

Here are 201 proven success tips to blast you past your big “but’s” and get you on the path to Profit Domination.

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